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​At Stowmarket Removals, we know it's not always easy to move straight from one property into another and we know that sometimes you cannot take everything with you if you are only staying somewhere temporarily. This is why we can offer safe and secure storage facilities for however long you need. 


Your home or office furniture and belongings are stored in a clean, dry unit and are covered at all times for extra protection; this ensures the safety of these items and the readiness and availability of these when you require them.


Here at Stowmarket Removals we understand the trust our customers place in us with their belongings. You can be sure we will look after your possessions as if they were our own. We carefully monitor our storage to keep your items free from damp or infestation.


Our storage service is provided for a variety of reasons and isn't just available to those customers who move with us. We provide storage facilities to students, businesses and individuals too. You may need the use of our storage whilst decorating or living abroad or in temporary accommodation, to declutter your home for viewings or for office archives. Call us on 01449 614259 to see how we can help you.



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